OpenDEX is setting a standard in a world of fragmented liquidity pools and incompatible DEX protocols with the goal to create a single global decentralized exchange network. We refer to OpenDEX as "layer 3" because it is built on top of the layer 2 Lightning and Connext networks. At its core, it is a set of open protocol specifications, called BOLD. BOLD stands for: Basis of L3 DEX. The naming is intentionally derived from BOLT, the Lightning Network specifications and role model of OpenDEX. These specifications ensure that OpenDEX nodes are compatible and users of different software implementations are able to trade with each other. OpenDEX is not a company or any other sort of legal entity, it is an open community of motivated individuals maintaining the BOLD specifications. OpenDEX was started because we believe there should be one DEX, not hundreds. Find the slides from the first public announcement at #hcpp19 in Prague here and the video recording here.

Get Started

-> Read the BOLD specifications

-> Contribute to the BOLD specifications

-> Start trading using an OpenDEX-enabled exchange (Recommended)

-> Start trading directly on the OpenDEX Network (Requires some technical knowledge)


  • No central authority. No middleman.

  • No account. No KYC. No personal data. No discrimination.

  • No protocol token.

  • Direct, peer-to-peer trading.

  • Order book locally aggregates orders from peers in the network.

  • Own orders are matched locally with peer orders.

  • Instant order settlement via atomic swaps on Lightning/Connext.

  • User has complete control over private keys.

  • Tor by default preserves privacy.

  • Supports individual traders, market makers, exchanges, anyone.

Support & Community