OpenDEX is a cross-chain DEX network, featuring a user-friendly web app for spontaneous asset swaps and a layer 3 high-speed trading network for liquidity providers & day traders built on the Lightning and Connext networks. OpenDEX consists of software, community, member projects, and the BOLD protocol standard with the goal to unify currently incompatible protocols and fragmented liquidity.

Get Started

🔁 Swap privately & securely via the easy-to-use web app 🖥️

🌊 Provide liquidity & earn by running a node 👨‍💻

OpenDEX Features

  • No central authority. No middleman.

  • No account. No KYC. No personal data.

  • No protocol token.

  • Tor by default preserves privacy.

  • BOLD as open protocol. Support for multiple implementations.

  • Direct, peer-to-peer trading.

  • Complete control of funds at all times.

  • Order book locally aggregates orders from peers in the network.

  • Orders are matched locally with peer orders.

  • Instant order settlement via atomic swaps on the Lightning and Connext networks.

Support & Community

OpenDEX operates non-profit and is not a company, nor any other sort of legal entity. It is an open community of individuals & member projects, working together to maintain the OpenDEX software and BOLD protocol specifications. OpenDEX was started to create a unified & long-term viable alternative to trading on trusted and KYCed centralized exchanges. Find the slides of the first public announcement at #hcpp19 in Prague here and the video recording here.

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