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Community Calls

Community Call #21 (2021-06-02) 👉 Video 👈

One more rather casual call where we discussed Bitcoin metrics cooling off, Marathon (a North American Bitcoin Mining corp) first starting to censor Bitcoin transactions to be "compliant with U.S. regulatory standards", then coming around announcing not to do it anymore just a couple of weeks later, Jack Maller's Bitcoin car, a lenghty discussion about Ethereum's price outperforming Bitcoin, store of Value vs. moving fast/innovation, Taproot looking very much to activate this signalling period, continued funding for utreexo and more ethereum vs. bitcoin ;) Looking forward to finally have something to demo in two weeks 🔥

Community Call #20 (2021-05-19) 👉 Video 👈

In this casual edition of our call we looked at Bitcoin's energy consumption and Tesla's REC business, Tesla's 2021 Q1 report showing main profit generated by REC's and the one-time Bitcoin sale, China banning Bitcoin (for the 17th time), it's been an incredible week and there was probably never such a coordinated attack against a single asset with even the pope feeling qualified to have an opinion on Bitcoin's "fossil fuel" energy consumption, Taproot close to activation (check taproot.watch), a minor Bitcoin Core CVE, the upcoming LND 0.13 release, discussed PoW vs. PoS and RGB's mycitadel wallet.

Community Call #19 (2021-03-24) 👉 Video 👈

In this call we laughed once more at the ECB's claim not to be responsible for increasing econimic inequality (read about the Cantillon effect here), Tesla now accepting Bitcoin and that by running their own merchant software and Bitcoin nodes, Breez launching a built-in podcast platform, how Taproot may handle Quantum Computers and our main topic: UniSwap V3.

Tl;dr: UniSwap V3 is great and fixes a couple of inefficiencies of V2, but OpenDEX still keeps most of its advantages over UniSwap with the major one being: it's truly cross-chain. Native BTC, native ETH, no wrapping.

Community Call #18 (2021-03-17) 👉 Video 👈

In this exciting community call we covered the troll title changes at Tesla (Master of Coin!) 😹, the new taproot activation alternative speedy trial that could bring us taproot in 2021 🤯, the VERY different and entirely developer driven upgrade approach on ethereum, that in some (admittedly rare) circumstances lightning funding transactions are still prone to transaction malleability and thus loss of funds and spend the rest of the call wrapping our head around RGB 🌈, shout-out to Maxim from the RGB Team patiently explaining and answering questions and stay tuned about how we will work together to make a lightning-based DEX Standard a reality!

Check out these links to learn more about RGB or even get your hands dirty and try it out:

  • Project Page: https://rgb-org.github.io

  • FAQs: https://www.rgbfaq.com

  • Telegram: https://t.me/rgbtelegram

  • GitHub: https://github.com/LNP-BP

  • Docker Containers (CLI ftw!): https://github.com/LNP-BP/docker

  • MyCitadel RGB-enabled iOS Wallet: https://www.mycitadel.io

Community Call #17 (2021-03-03) 👉 NO Video, sorry! 👈

In this community call we covered the continued institutional flow into Bitcoin, the new major geth 1.10 release which dramatically speeds up accessing ethereum state (out of experience we can't recommend to upgrade just yet though), another improvement proposal for a BIP70 successor, I2P (an alternative to Tor) support in Bitcoin Core (here you can learn more about the differences between I2P and Tor), the RGB MyCitadel iOS App 🌈 (get a basic overview of RGB here, but as promised we'll cover RGB in greater detail in next week's call and finally saw the new update feature of the OpenDEX Desktop App and went through how arbitrage incentivizes liquidity providers to offer liquidity on the OpenDEX network, how it works in practice and why leveraging arbitrage with CEXes to incentivize liquidity provision on OpenDEX is only really possible because of instant finality of trades. Apologies for the missing recording, we'll have a backup recording next week ✌️

Community Call #16 (2021-02-24) 👉 Video 👈

In this community call we covered the last piece of the puzzle missing for taproot activation on bitcoin: LOT=true vs. LOT=false, the new lnd 0.12.1 release which fixes a nasty crash, a demo of the new setup flow in our latest OpenDEX Desktop App Testnet release and saw a pretty cool demo of an upcoming feature for Boltz, which not only makes it compatibly with virtually all mobile ethereum wallets, but also doesn't require you to hold ETH to do swaps with an ERC20 asset like USDT! You can already try it out at testnet.boltz.exchange - dope! 🌿

Community Call #15 (2021-02-17) 👉 NO Video, sorry! 👈

In this community call we covered another exciting week of happenings: Microstrategy raising even moar money to buy Bitcoin, a new proposal how to offer escrow services on lightning and hold fees based on a post-taproot feature called PTLCs (a more private & efficient replacment for HTLCs), our 👉 website re-write 👈 (check it out!), all-new OpenDEX Destkop Release for Windows 🎉, also some of you asked me to link this pretty stats page coin.dance. Apologies for the missing recording, our bad ✌️

Community Call #14 (2021-02-10) 👉 Video 👈

In this community call we covered another exciting week of happenings: Tesla's $1.5 Billion investment in Bitcoin, Bytetree's BOLD investment strategy, Taproot activation settled on BIP8, geth's upcoming breaking change on the rpc layer, shady shady 1inch.exchange, xmr.to closure and dexfairy.com.

Community Call #13 (2021-02-03) 👉 Video 👈

In this community call we announced our move from "Exchange Union" to "OpenDEX", which unifies everything under one name and should avoid confusion down the road. This also comes with a change in product focus, how we are funded, team members and more. The gist is: we are shifting focus towards UX & end-user facing trading products while keeping our core atomic-swap-DNA (the user is always in control of funds) & OpenDEX will become even more open going forward. If you are interested in day-to-day updates and what we are working on, please join our Discord server and watch our GitHub repositories. We also touched on Microstrategy sharing the "Bitcoin for Corporations" playbook, Elon on Clubhouse & Bisq's new "Cash by Mail" feature.

Community Call #12 (2021-01-27) 👉 Video 👈

In this community call, we talked extensively about r/wallstreetbets amazing coup against wallstreet causing hedge funds getting liquidated for their overleveraged short positions on GameStop's stock, that the response of "trading restrictions" of AmeriTrade & others has to lead to decentralized trading networks like OpenDEX to take off, Bitcoin as treasury for non-profits and the new releases of lnd & connext. Finally, we saw a demo of a feature-complete Trading view in XUD UI.

Community Call #11 (2021-01-13) 👉 Video 👈

In this community call, we laughed hard at ECB's Christina Lagarde's call for a global Bitcoin regulation because of the "funny business" conducted, how we can learn from Wasabi's fallback mechanisms preventing being impacted by the recent attack on Tor Consensus and touched on an open PR removing all remaining JSON encoding from the OpenDEX protocol moving everything cleanly to protobuf. Last but not least we saw a pretty neat sneak peak of the upcoming trading feature in XUD UI.

Community Call #10 (2020-12-23) 👉 Video 👈

In this Christmas Edition of our community call, we clarified that the recent customer data dump probably should be the end of Ledger, the recent SEC charge probably the end of Ripple and, more importantly, saw an end-to-end demo of a deposit with XUD UI & went through a pretty interesting OpenDEX Q&A session, touching on the different stakeholders involved, why no token and more.

Community Call #9 (2020-12-16) 👉 Video 👈

In this community call, we talked about the last edition of the amazing Bitcoin Optech Newsletter, about the upcoming 0.12.0 LND release and development updates from Boltz & Exchange Union with special focus on the new 1.2.0 XUD UI release 🌈

Community Call #8 (2020-12-09) 👉 Video 👈

In this community call, we touched on the events of the week and then went on discussing the upcoming release of the next connext protocol version called "vector" (https://github.com/connext/vector), which Exchange Union expects to move to as soon as it's available (2020ish). We also have seen a demo of the upcoming 1.2.0 XUD UI release (and heard a range of excuses why it's taking so long, but also some decent commitment to deliver until next week).

Community Call #7 (2020-12-02) 👉 Video & Slides 👈

In this community call, we touched on the recent happenings eth2 launch and Breez'es great overview of lightning use cases and learned in-depth about the recently launched BTC/USDT swaps on boltz.exchange 🔥

Community Call #6 (2020-11-25) 👉 Video & Slides 👈

In in this special edition of our community call, we dived into "Running a bitcoin node" and looked at three projects helping to make this quest easier with a Raspberry Pi: RaspiBlitz, MyNode & Umbrel. We had a closer look at Umbrel and discussed how it achieves great UX. We learned that Exchange Union is working on an integration with RaspiBlitz already and that we can expect to access OpenDEX seamlessly via above projects in the future.

Community Call #5 (2020-11-18) 👉 Video 👈

In this community call we discussed lnmarkets, the proactive miner initiative for activation of taproot on bitcoin and saw and saw a first demo of multi-channel trades via xud.

Community Call #4 (2020-11-11) 👉 Video 👈

In this community call we discussed Lightning Pool, the Infura downtime and Ethereum chain split and saw a pretty cool demo of the upcoming ⚡-BTC/USDT swaps on boltz.exchange 🔥

Community Call #3 (2020-11-04) 👉 Video 👈

In this community call we discussed using multiple channels to settle one trade (will be demoed next week) and and saw an alpha demo of the upcoming 1.1.0 release of XUD Explorer featuring full setup on Windows. This version takes Windows users from 0 to "deposit funds" in a couple of Minutes, seamlessly installing docker as part of the installation flow.

Community Call #2 (2020-10-28) 👉 Video 👈

In our second community call we saw a demo of the first iteration of XUD Explorer, a Desktop App UI for OpenDEX and discussion of various topics, such as hot wallets - the risk exposure one faces when using payment channel networks like the Lightning Network.

Community Call #1 (2020-10-21) 👉 Video & Slides 👈

In our first community call we covered the Why?, How?, What? along with some live mainnet trading and a Q&A session.


First public announcement (2019-10-05) 👉 Video & slides 👈

The first public announcement of OpenDEX at #hcpp19 in Prague.

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