This section contains video recordings of OpenDEX community calls, explainers, guides & more!

Community Calls

Community Call #1 (2020-10-21)

In our first community call we covered the Why?, How?, What? along with some live mainnet trading and a Q&A session. Video & slides

Community Call #2 (2020-10-28)

In our second community call we saw a demo of the first iteration of XUD Explorer, a Desktop App UI for OpenDEX and discussion of various topics, such as hot wallets - the risk exposure one faces when using payment channel networks like the Lightning Network. Video

Community Call #3 (2020-11-04)

In this community call we discussed using multiple channels to settle one trade (will be demoed next week) and and saw an alpha demo of the upcoming 1.1.0 release of XUD Explorer featuring full setup on Windows. This version takes Windows users from 0 to "deposit funds" in a couple of Minutes, seamlessly installing docker as part of the installation flow. Video

Community Call #4 (2020-11-11)

In this community call we discussed Lightning Pool, the Infura downtime and Ethereum chain split and saw a pretty cool demo of the upcoming ⚡-BTC/USDT swaps on 🔥 Video

Community Call #5 (2020-11-18)

In this community call we discussed lnmarkets, the proactive miner initiative for activation of taproot on bitcoin and saw and saw a first demo of multi-channel trades via xud. Video

Community Call #6 (2020-11-25)

In in this special edition of our community call, we dived into "Running a bitcoin node" and looked at three projects helping to make this quest easier with a Raspberry Pi: RaspiBlitz, MyNode & Umbrel. We had a closer look at Umbrel and discussed how it achieves great UX. We learned that Exchange Union is working on an integration with RaspiBlitz already and that we can expect to access OpenDEX seamlessly via above projects in the future. Video & slides

Community Call #7 (2020-12-02)

In this community call, we touched on the recent happenings eth2 launch and Breez'es great overview of lightning use cases and learned in-depth about the recently launched BTC/USDT swaps on 🔥 Video & slides


First public announcement (2019-10-05)

The first public announcement of OpenDEX at #hcpp19 in Prague. Video & slides