🛑-How-to Close Shop

This guide is written for anyone looking to "close shop", to withdraw all funds from an opendex environment.

Close Shop

Enter your environment via:

bash ~/opendex.sh
1) Simnet
2) Testnet
3) Mainnet
Please choose the network: 3

Stop arby to prevent it from issuing orders:

stop arby

Close all BTC & LTC channels:

lndbtc-lncli closeallchannels
lndltc-lncli closeallchannels

Check your ETH/ERC20 channel balances with getbalance and close channels using the full channel balance in the following command:

closechannel ETH --amount 0.5234
closechannel USDT --amount 124.12

getbalance should now show all channel balances as 0. Once your ETH/ERC20 channel balances are available as Wallet Balance (Not Tradable), you can import your seed/private key into a wallet like metamask. To do this, run the following command and follow the instructions:


Once your BTC and LTC channel balances are available as Wallet Balance (Not Tradable), run:

lndbtc-lncli sendcoins --sweepall --addr <YOUR_EXTERNAL_BTC_ADDRESS>
lndltc-lncli sendcoins --sweepall --addr <YOUR_EXTERNAL_LTC_ADDRESS>

One more check that all balances are indeed 0 with getbalance and you can safely down and delete your environment.

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